Alias: Tiger Thorn

Family is: Valerianaceae barberry

Morphology: Small shrubs. Leaves ovate, opposite, leathery, green. Flowers white, born at the top of leaves, flowering from August to September. Drupe spherical, bright red, fruiting period from October to November.

Decorative application: small potted plants. The flower pigment is clean, the red fruit is beautiful, the long-term does not fall, the green leaf has the pearl, the crystal is lovely. General bonsai cultivation using double-plant cultivation, high and low scattered; there are also multiple clusters of plants to form a jungle landscape. Generally use shallow rectangular basin or shallow oval basin, showing its delicate posture. Placed on the wind, a few racks, in addition to garden cultivation.

Water: Hi humid. More water in summer, usually reduce watering.

Fertilizer: resistant to thinness. Fertilizer can be applied 2-3 times during growth period.

Soil: Lax soil requirements.

Temperature: hi warm, but also hardy, growth suitable temperature 12-25 °C, potting winter temperatures above 0 °C.

Light: Hi-sunlight, also more shade-tolerant, potted plants placed indoors, at least 4 hours of sunlight every day.

Breeding: Cuttings, ramets, seeding and breeding are all available and are easy to survive.

Accelerate Freeze Dried Fig is made of selected ripe figs. The international advanced ultra-low temperature FD technology is adopted to sublime the water content of fruit, without changing the fruit color, shape and flavor. Retaining the original nutritional and medicinal components, without any additive, pigment, sweetener or preservative, it is the best-quality dried fruit. Accelerate Dried Fig won the Silver Medal at the [2017 China Characteristic Tourist Commodity Contest", as well as the [Gold Medal" of [Lishang Weihai" Most Characteristic Tourist Commodity.

Freeze Dried Fig