Corn stalk kneading and pressing and binding equipment

The corn straw squeezing and baling supporting equipment includes 9R-40 type feed kneading machine and 9YD-20 type straw stalk baling press, jointly developed by Shanxi Agricultural Machinery Extension Station and Datong Agricultural Machinery Promotion Station (telephone), and can be used as a motor. Power, fixed work, can also be assembled with a four-wheel tractor for mobile operation.

One, 9R-40 forage kneading machine

The main function of the machine is to properly rub and draw the skin and waxy skin of crop straw. After the rubbing, the straw cattle and sheep have good palatability, high digestibility, and an eating rate of more than 95%. This machine is used with the 9YD-20 Straw Baler and it is a unique domestic mobile corn stalk kneading silk and baling equipment, which opens up a new way for efficient utilization of corn stalks.

The main technical parameters: the weight of the whole machine is 130kg, the supporting power is 8.8-13.2kw tractor or 7.5-1kw electric motor, and the working efficiency is 1000kg/h.

Second, 9YD-20 type straw baler

The machine can be installed on a four-wheel tractor together with a 9R-40 forage kneading machine. After the corn stalks are kneaded into filaments, they are pressed into a high-density rectangular bale. The operation is convenient and the flowability is strong. The storage and long-distance transportation of forage grass has brought great convenience, providing equipment guarantee for the vigorous development of the livestock husbandry industry.

The machine is a horizontal single-cylinder hydraulic baler, which has the characteristics of labor saving, time saving, small volume and one-time extrusion molding.

The main technical parameters: the machine weighs 600 kg, supporting power 7.5-1 kW motor or 13.8 kW diesel engine, bale size 500 mm 400 mm 700 mm, bale weight 25 kg, working efficiency 15-20 bales / hour.

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