Cucumber seed disinfection method is good

According to investigations on 26 kinds of cucumber invasive diseases, 9 kinds of pathogens are transmitted by seeds, accounting for 34.6%. The main diseases include anthrax, scab, melasma, and bacterial keratoses, so they should be carried out before planting. Seed disinfection. There are many methods of disinfection, of which the heat sterilization method is better, has the advantages of simple operation, wide sterilization spectrum, safety to seeds, environmental protection, cost savings, etc., and is suitable for adoption by a large number of farmers. Method: Immerse the cucumber seeds in room temperature water for 4 hours, dip and dip them into 55°C hot water, heat and sterilize them for 15 minutes, then remove them and put them into cold water to cool down, and then transfer to germination or sowing. This method requires only a thermometer to measure the water temperature and no other cost. The precautions are the water temperature and time strictly complying with the technical requirements. (Li Qingqing, Researcher, Plant Protection Station, Heilongjiang Province)

Wolfberry Tea/Goji Tea:

Wolfberry tea is produced from the goji berries and it is highly nutritious. This tea contains a similar amount of helpful phytochemicals and antioxidants as those present in goji berry fruit and juice. Regular consumption of wolfberry tea may therefore prove to be beneficial.


Function of wolfberry tea:

Strengthens the body and restores health with TCM;

Eliminates internal heat and toxic materials;

Reduces phlegm and suppresses coughing;

Relieves minor pain; and balances medicinal properties. 



Suggested Usage:

The property of goji leaf is mild, so that you can drink goji leaf
Preparation of goji berry tea: take 1-1.5g goji leaf tea in a Cup, steep the tea with boiling water until the water rises just over the tea, then pour out the water from the cup at once(activation).Steep the tea with 150ml boiling water again and wait for about 5 minutes. Then drink the tea.

The tea is drunk and the bits and pieces of dried herbs are chewed. It is recommended not to add sugar in this green tea preparation, as the berries used in the preparation process have natural sweetness.

Wolfberry Tea

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