Cucumber set bitter gourd management focus after year

The last cucumber to be selected should be located 25-30 cm below the cucumber growth point. The main reason is that the cucumbers in this period have been characterized by thin stems, small leaves, and yellow leaves. If you stay up too much, it's easy to cause the cucumber to close its head.

In order to avoid excessive consumption of nutrients, cucumbers must be removed from the upper part of the melon button at the same time as the last melon.

After sitting in the melon, it is necessary to flush it with aromatic fertilizer (20:10:30), 6-8 kg/mu of soluble fertilizer or 8 kg of fertilization, which will promote guarantors. And every 7 days, spraying Fangrun foliar fertilizer, 25 grams of a bucket of water, delaying the aging leaves, and enhance photosynthesis.

Bitter gourd: promote stalk growth

According to the growth momentum of cucumber and bitter gourd, and market conditions, bitter gourd shelves and cucumbers were dropped. When operating, let the bitter gourd on the shelves first, and then drop the cucumber vines to prevent the cucumber mangoes from holding the bitter gourd. At the same time, it should be noted that the side vines less than 1 metre away from the main vine of bitter gourd should be removed to maintain the growth potential of the main vine. The height of the cucumber is about 1 meter.

Groove fertilizer. After the bitter gourd is put on the shelf, due to the good ventilation and light transmission, the growth rate is obviously accelerated. Therefore, after the cucumbers are pulled out of the garden, the fertilizer should be ditched in time. Method: Lift up the side of the planting line mulch, in the distance of 30 cm away from the cucumber ditch, ditch depth of about 20 cm, apply large source of fish protein fermented soybean meal organic fertilizer (1600 kg / acre), and then cover the ditch, and finally combine Water a small water. The topdressing is intended to meet the growing needs of bitter gourd stem vines. After the bitter gourd knots, the topdressing should be carried out for the second time, but the amount of fertilizer can be reduced to 2/3 of the top dressing.

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