Data show: the main force of the primary hospital or the domestic CT machine procurement

Only 38% of domestic secondary hospitals are equipped with CT machines, and the majority of first-class hospitals, especially township hospitals, have not been allocated due to financial constraints.

Statistics show that although the international economic crisis hit hard in 2009, China's CT machine exports have maintained a sustained growth trend, becoming a new bright spot in the domestic medical equipment sub-sector export growth.

New technologies are emerging

The advent of the CT machine (computed tomography) has been recognized by the scientific community as a revolutionary milestone in medical diagnostic imaging technology. Using CT machines, doctors can clearly observe various soft tissue lesions and various microscopic tumors that are difficult to see in ordinary X-ray machines, thus greatly improving the clinical diagnosis level of the disease. Up to now, CT machine technology has completed innovations from single-chip, two-piece to multiple-chip (128), and the invention of spiral CT technology has made CT diagnostic technology a qualitative leap.

With the increasingly fierce competition in the CT machine market, new CT technologies are emerging. For example, the Philips company in the Netherlands developed the Spectral CT (photon counting system); the US company GE introduced a new product called "Lightspeed CT570 HD CT". According to reports, this new garnet-based testing instrument has Excellent optical properties allow for clear blood flow or infarction in the capillaries of the brain. In addition, Japan and the Netherlands are also actively developing their own new CT machine products.

Domestic industry is progressing rapidly

Before the advent of domestic CT machines, China's CT machine market was almost monopolized by international CT machine manufacturers such as American GE, German Siemens, Dutch Philips, and Toshiba, Shimadzu and Hitachi. This situation was not broken until Shanghai Medical Device Company first developed a prototype of a domestically produced whole body CT machine. Since then, the CT machine has quickly changed from a "noble" product to a popular device product.

What really makes the domestic CT machine business bigger is Shenyang Neusoft, which has developed into the leading player in the domestic CT machine industry. Neusoft was originally a company specializing in software development. Since the mid-1990s, it has developed CT software. When the first CT machine was introduced in 1997, its imaging speed was only 58 seconds, far behind the imported CT machine. The average imaging time in seconds. After the improvement of technology, the imaging speed was finally shortened from 58 seconds to 1 second, which greatly exceeded the image processing speed of foreign opponents, which made foreign manufacturers look at Chinese scientists. In 1998, Neusoft's first batch of 50 CT machines were officially put on the market and sold out quickly. This performance surprised foreign counterparts and felt the huge competitive pressure from Chinese companies. Today, Neusoft's independently developed spiral CT machine has been able to export the whole machine to the United States; by 2007, it has produced the 1000th CT machine.

In addition to Shenyang Neusoft, Shenzhen Anke High-Tech Company and Beijing Wandong Company were involved in the early production of CT machines, but the two companies subsequently withdrew from the field. Subsequently, new companies such as Shenzhen Mindray Biomedical Electronics Co., Ltd., Wuhan Gaoke Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Maxip Medical Technology Development Co., Hangzhou Huayuan Gamma Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. and Tianjin Songhua Electromechanical Co., Ltd. joined the CT machine. Among the manufacturers, these companies cover a wide range of hot-selling CT machines ranging from single-chip, dual-chip to multi-chip CT machines and spiral CT machines.

National product share is not as good as imported products

The advent of China's self-produced CT machine forced the sales price of CT machines in large companies such as GE, Siemens, and Philips in the United States to drop by about 30% in China. The price of a whole body CT machine imported from 500,000 to 1.2 million US dollars. Later, it fell to 400,000 to 600,000 US dollars per unit. At this point, the domestic CT machine took the opportunity to occupy the CT machine market of the county-level hospitals that were unable to purchase imported CT machines.

It is worth noting that, according to statistics, as of the end of 2008, the number of CT machines in hospitals at or above the county level has reached more than 6,800, of which about 90% are imported products, and national products only account for 10%. It can be seen that the products of multinational companies have already occupied an absolute market share.

Due to China's huge population base and the highest number of hospitals in the world, the domestic CT machine market has been optimistic. Over the past 20 years, the world's major CT machine manufacturers have found development opportunities in China. At present, the annual production of CT machines produced by GE's wholly-owned company in China, General Electric (China) Co., Ltd., has reached 1,000 units in China, accounting for 1/3 of the company's total CT machine production; The company's CT machine accounts for about half of China's CT machine market; in recent years, the CT machine produced by Siemens in Germany has gradually occupied the high-end CT machine market in China with its excellent quality. It is reported that the company's CT machine is in the 2009 national hospital. The bidding rate in the centralized bidding procurement exceeded the United States and Japan for the first time, becoming the biggest winner of China's import of CT machines.

Export growth is impressive

China's independent development and production of CT machines not only quickly occupied the domestic hospital market, but also opened up overseas markets. It is reported that the spiral CT machine produced by Shenyang Neusoft Medical Group was first approved by the US FDA in 2003. In the same year, the company exported 454 spiral CT machines to the United States, with a total value of 52.38 million US dollars. In 2006, the total value of Neusoft's CT machine exports has risen to US$62.83 million.

With the addition of other CT machine manufacturers in China, China has become the world's fourth largest CT producer and exporter after the United States, Germany and Japan. According to statistics, the total amount of CT machines exported by China in 2008 was as high as 228 million US dollars; in 2009, despite the international economic crisis, China's CT machine exports continued to grow, with a total export value of 300 million US dollars.

Estimated annual growth rate will reach 20%

According to the survey, China's tertiary hospitals are basically equipped with CT machines. Some tertiary hospitals have completed the replacement of CT machines, while only 38% of domestic secondary hospitals are equipped with CT machines. As for the majority of first-class hospitals, especially township hospitals, CT machines have not been deployed due to financial constraints. Therefore, the majority of primary and secondary hospitals are expected to become the main force for CT machine procurement in the next few years.

Due to the continuous improvement of the performance of the domestic CT machine, coupled with the price advantage, it has a greater advantage than the CT machine produced by foreign companies. It is expected that the production and export of CT machines in China will leap to a new level in the next few years. Its annual growth rate will reach 20%. However, the domestic CT machine is still unable to compare with the world-class companies such as GE, Germany, Siemens and Holland Philips in high-end products. However, one thing is certain, that the domestic low-end CT machine will have great competitiveness in ordering many domestic first- and second-tier hospitals due to its price advantage.

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