Egg chicken synergies "6 rings"

Egg shell calcium shell is a good calcium feed, but it is easy to degenerate, with bacteria, etc. Eggshells such as eggshells are easy to cause disease.

Sudden refueling Most egg-laying specialist households generally use full-priced compound feeds. Some people may immediately use new feeds as soon as they hear about how good a feed is. As a result, the egg production rate has not only not increased, but has continued to decline. The reason is that chickens have a habit of eating feed. If they are suddenly changed, they will affect the appetite and egg production of chickens.

Raw chickens fed by raw grains are often used to feed chickens with raw grains such as corn or rice, beans, etc. This will not only reduce feed utilization but also be harmful to chickens. Should be crushed after the original grain according to the formula with bran, bean cake, bone meal, lime powder and then feed.

Some eggs in the anus are often used by chicken farmers to put their hands into the chicken's anus and it is unscientific. Because the fingers are not hygienic, it is easy to bring the bacteria to the chicken, causing local inflammation, redness, rupture, prolapse and other symptoms.

Obese and obese hens have excessive accumulation of fat in the body, and their egg production has dropped sharply or production has stopped. It can reduce the feed by 10%~15% before laying eggs, or reduce the 8%~14% of concentrated feed after laying eggs, and supplement roughage feeds (vegetable leaves, rough clams, etc.) for prevention. You can also add 2.4% choline in the feed for 10 days to reduce the "fat."

Calcium phosphate or lack of cage egg breeders are prone to lack of calcium and phosphorus, resulting in rough shells or soft shell eggs, even standing unsteady and dying. You can add 3% calcium powder or 5% gypsum powder to the feed, and add some charcoal ash or small sand grains at the same time.

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