Genetic chickens that produce anti-cancer eggs have been born

The Roslin Institute in the United Kingdom succeeded in cloning "Dolly" sheep and developed a genetic chicken. The eggs they produce can be used to make anti-cancer drugs. This new generation of anticancer drugs from genetic chickens is expected to be available within two years. Roslin Institute plans to show the outside world one of the genetically modified chickens named "Britney" on December 6th. Scientists at the Roslyn Institute in Edinburgh spent two years successfully transforming the hen's genes, allowing the protein produced by hens to contain a large amount of specific proteins that can be used to make new drugs for cancer treatment. The new drugs can be used to treat a variety of diseases including breast cancer and ovarian cancer. The protein content of hens is determined by the genes of the hens. Only by changing the genes in one nucleus of the hens, the eggs produced by the hens will contain a large amount of specific proteins. The researchers created this genetically engineered hen by modifying genetic material in a single cell nucleus. According to reports, each genetic chicken can produce 250 eggs in a year, and each egg contains at least 100 mg of protein that can be used as an anticancer drug and can be easily extracted. So far, this protein can only be produced in the laboratory, even if it is only a small amount of production, it is very difficult and costly. This prevents researchers from developing new drugs for treating various diseases including breast and ovarian cancers. "Britney" was developed by U.S. Viragen Biotechnology and Roslin Institute after two years of joint efforts. The news that Roslin Institute successfully cloned the “Dolly” sheep after being exposed three years ago shocked the whole world, because it means that humans can also be produced through gene duplication methods, related to moral and ethical issues, and whether humans should play a role in creation. Disputes of the main role have been harassed on the spot, and the United States and other countries have successively banned research on cloning.

                                                                  Bed Head Unit For Ward

The  Medical Bed Head Unit is made of aluminum alloy sections, of which the surface is treated with acrylic painting or electrostatic spray. It is equipped with the dismountable panel, three built-in cabling channels for gas, strong electricity and weak electricity, and external leakage protectors, bedside lamps, large toggle switches, five-hole multi-function socket, gas terminal and Medical wards calling system. The hospital can choose the appropriate color in line with the environmental requirements.

Bed Head Unit For Ward

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