Glaucoma is expected to be diagnosed early through "smart" contact lenses

Release date: 2010-04-07

STMicroelectronics announces the development of a wireless MEMS sensor for the breakthrough platform designed by Sensimed AG of Switzerland. This unique sensor with embedded contact lens can be used as a transducer, antenna and mechanical support for the additional data readout electronics of the platform. part. This solution is more effective in treating glaucoma patients through early diagnosis and tailored optimal treatments for individuals.

The solution, named SENSIMED TriggeRFish, is based on a "smart" contact lens that uses an embedded micro strain gage to continuously monitor the curvature of the eye over a period of time (usually 24 hours), providing physicians with an existing general ophthalmology Important disease management data that the device cannot obtain.

Glaucoma 3 is the second most common blind eye disease in the world. It is an irreversible progressive ocular neuropathy that can eventually lead to blindness in both eyes. Although glaucoma is not curable, it can still control the progression of the disease if it is diagnosed in time and properly treated. The standard test is to periodically check the intraocular pressure (IOP) using an tonometer at the ophthalmologist's clinic. However, tonometers may not detect elevated intraocular pressure, especially in glaucoma patients, because intraocular pressure varies from day to day, usually peaking outside of sleep or clinic, often only when the ocular nerve is greatly damaged. After that, the condition was diagnosed. Because of the lack of timely treatment, the condition of many glaucoma patients is deteriorating.

Sensimed's innovative solution consists of two components: a smart contact lens and a small receiver worn on the patient's neck. In addition to the strain gage, the contact lens also incorporates an antenna, a miniature dedicated processing circuit, and a radio frequency transmitter that transmits measurement data to the receiver. The contact lens's power comes from the received radio waves, so there is no need to connect the battery. The embedded components are cleverly placed on the lens and do not interfere with the patient's field of view. The contact lens is assembled by the ophthalmologist. When the patient returns to the next day, the ophthalmologist removes the glasses and receiver and can read the complete IOP change data recorded in the past 24 hours.

Benedetto Vigna, General Manager of STMicroelectronics' MEMS, Sensors and High-Performance Analog Products Division, said: "STMicroelectronics is particularly focused on developing wireless sensor networks for diagnostics and other medical devices. This self-powered wireless sensor is used in innovative products. It is expected to treat millions of potential and existing glaucoma patients. Sensimed's innovative applications are a perfect example of how STMicroelectronics works with healthcare professionals to combine two completely different disciplines and skills to leverage our manufacturing base. Facilities to improve people's health and well-being."

(Source: Kexun)

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