Hong Wen Wen Lan

Middle name: safflower Wenshulan Scientific name: Crinum amabile Donn. Family genus: Amaryllidaceae Corvus genus Morphological characteristics: Perennial evergreen grassy plants. The plants are 1.5-2 meters high and the pseudo-stem is about 50 cm high, purple-red, solitary or clustered. Leaves are rosette-shaped, broad-breasted, long-lanceolate, 100-150 cm long, 10-14 cm wide, papery, green, entire. Umbrella, axillary, calyx long, 70-100 cm, pedicel oblate, pale purple; sepals 2, purple-red; 20-30 flowers per flower, flower buds 20 cm long, dark purple; petals 5 pieces, long strips, 14 cm long, white to pale purple; aromatic. Flowering period: March-September. Flowers are not real. Growth habits: Honghua Wenshulan is native to Sumatra. Its high temperature, high humidity, sunny climate, hi fertile acidic soil, more shade-tolerant and drought-resistant, resistant to thin, growth temperature is 18-30 °C.

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