How do children do not like to eat in summer

How do children do not like to eat in summer

In the hot season, the baby's digestive function weakens and the mental fatigue caused by the heat of the day causes a natural loss of appetite. However, ignoring your child's diet may make your baby miss the golden age. How can children love to eat in the summer? Parents may wish to start from the following points:

The heat, detoxification, and digestible foods are the main reasons for the baby's stomach's fragile period, which is easy to indigestion. Eat less greasy, high-fat foods this time. Can eat less meals, in addition, the appropriate consumption of green beans, winter melon and other "Qingbu" food is conducive to the baby to disperse body heat, increase appetite. You can also eat milk and other digestible and nutritious foods.

The dining area is best to have air conditioning to eat at the appropriate temperature, the child's appetite naturally improved. At the same time, we must pay attention to the color, smell and taste of food and create a quiet and pleasant atmosphere for eating. This is also a good way to increase appetite.

Festival cooling drinks and dessert sugar are natural appetite suppression. Excessive intake of sugary drinks or cold drinks will make children feel unable to eat and thus form a vicious circle.

The baby should not be too hot. Some parents are afraid that the baby will get cold and sick. On a hot day, the baby will wear a few clothes. Some even have towels on them. Not only is the baby prone to heat stroke, but it is too hot and affects the baby's appetite. The child should be ventilated and cool.

â–  Chen Yanhui, Union Hospital, Fujian Medical University

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