How to determine the best time for sow artificial insemination

The best artificial insemination time, there is no instrument measurement, can only be mastered by experience.

The best breeding time is based on the following conditions:

1. Changes in the vulva—The early stage of estrus is pink. When the vulva changes to deep red, the edema slightly subsides. The best time is when there is slight shrinkage.

2. Pussy mucus - hand rubs at the beginning of heat, no viscosity. The best time is when there is viscosity and the color is light white.

3, standing reflection - after pressing the sow lumbar buttocks, estrus, sows are very stable, four upright, erect ears erect "standing reflection." Presenting "upright reflexes" after 8-12 hours can be used, ie, standing reflexes in the morning and breeding in the afternoon; in the afternoon, the second morning will be bred.

4. The primiparous gilts will be assigned later, that is, before the end of estrus. Older sows have a little bit earlier and are generally the first to find estrus.


Because sows have a long ovulation time, about 6 hours or so, they can survive in the body for more than 20 hours after excretion. Artificial insemination can be carried out multiple times, usually once every 8 hours, and 3 times. Why should I have three consecutive times? Because our observations don't fully grasp the best breeding time, do not lose the best breeding time with more than a few times. The above is a general rule. There are some pigs that have abnormal breeding times. For example, if there is a pig in my field, breeding must be done at the first time after estrus. There are also several heads that are bred on the fifth day of estrus. It's easy to be. Therefore, we need to be flexible according to different situations.

How to observe the estrus in pigs:

For post-weaning sows, observations were made at least 3 times a day after 3 days, 2 times in the morning and evening when the sows were eating, and the sows were stable and easy to observe. Around 10 o'clock at night, but also to observe once. At this time, the other sows are resting and resting, and the gilt sow may walk in the pigsty and do not sleep. The normal estrus behaviour of sows is unstable and observation is easy, but observing sows must pay attention to observations. In general, the estrus in lean meat sows is not obvious, and the estrus in soil pigs is more obvious.

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