How to harvest and process monkey legs

(1) Harvest Every spring from May to June, when the young legs of the monkey's legs are 20 to 30 centimeters high, squat down from the base of the petiole and wipe the wound on the ground to prevent aging. Usually harvested once, such as good growth can be properly harvested for the second time, so as not to affect the next year's annual output over-harvesting, harvested young leaves with basket or armor, can not be bagged, can not be squeezed, picking that day pickled.
(2) The graded monkey legs are graded according to their quality, and the same level is bundled into 6 to 8 cm thick handles.
(3) Wash the container with salt water first before salting and salting. The secondary salting method is used: for the first time, according to the proportion of vegetable salt 100:35 to 40, first put a layer of bottom salt in the container, then lay a layer of salt on the dish neatly, and the amount of salt to be added gradually. The top salt is 3 cm thick. Cover it with a clean wooden board and press the stone. After 10 days of salting, you can invert the cylinder for a second salting. The method is to change the top layer of the first salting layer to the bottom layer of the second salt layer. The layer of vegetable layer has a salt ratio of 100:15, and the top layer has a salt thickness of 2 cm. Finally fill the container with filtered salt water. The salt water concentration is 22 degrees (Baume concentration), ie, the ratio of water to salt is 100:35-37. Cover it with a wooden cover and heavy objects. Salt system for more than 10 days.
(4) Before loading the barrels, remove the vegetables and wash them in the salty water at 22 degrees (Bomer concentration). Remove the impurities, cut off the old petioles, drain the water, and fill the barrels by grade. Pack the barrel with a two-layer plastic bag before filling the container. Fill the dish with water and fill it with salt water. Then cover the bowl with 2 cm thick salt, tightly tie the plastic bag, and then cover the lid. Stick the label and store the shaded storage. Inside.
(5) Desalting method Before eating, salted vegetables should be soaked in clean water and eaten after a few hours.
Precautions: Salted containers and used items must not contain oil, and must not be in contact with pesticides, fertilizers, petroleum, etc., so as to avoid rot and deterioration. Storage room temperature can not be too high, to cool and cool.

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