How to make mulch "a multi-use film"

"Multiple use of a film" refers to repeated use of a piece of plastic film. "Multi-use of a film" can increase the utilization rate of the film, reduce the cost of mulching and increase the economic efficiency. There are several ways to use a film:

Multiple coverage or two-layer covering with a plastic mulch covering the small shed, early colonization of melons and other vegetables. After the temperature rises, cover the ground with this film, or cover it with a small shed.

A film can cover more than two times by covering a film multiple times. If you cover the overwintering vegetables first, and then cover the early spring vegetables or potatoes, you can also use them to cover the summer solanes, melons, and beans.

A film of two pods can be grown in the mulching film of eggplant, pepper and other thermophilic vegetables interplanting early cabbage, lettuce, indigo, April white and other hi-cold vegetables; spring dwarf beans or greenhouse plastic film cucumber harvest after pulling , Multiple crop radish, summer cabbage, autumn kidney beans and autumn cucumber. After the harvest of short-growing early cabbage, lettuce and other vegetables, the residual roots, leaves, debris and debris in the field are cleared, but the mulching film is not removed, the land is not ploughed, and the original small sorghum is sown or planted. Vegetables, such as live or transplanted cucumbers, kidney beans, etc.

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