Indian pharmaceutical market faces shortage of vitamin C supply

Due to restrictions on the import of Chinese raw materials, the Indian pharmaceutical market is now facing a shortage of vitamin C supply, and it is an old saying: self-confidence.

According to the US "Business Weekly" reported yesterday, India's government is facing a severe shortage of vitamin C due to the fact that the Indian government's restrictions on China's imports of pharmaceutical raw materials have raised the price of its domestic raw materials, making it impossible for pharmaceutical manufacturers to produce vitamin C.

According to industry data, the price of vitamin C raw materials originally imported from China is 17 to 19 US dollars per kilogram. The Indian government has imposed anti-dumping duties of US$3.99 per kilogram on Chinese products in the name of anti-dumping, and the market price has been raised by about 25 at a time. %.

At the same time, the Indian government has also imposed control on the sales price of vitamin C, which has made it impossible for pharmaceutical manufacturers to make money and to reduce production. According to the report, drug manufacturers can make other drugs to make money, but the ultimate suffering of Zui is pregnant women, asthma patients, dental patients and other ordinary people who need vitamin C.

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