It is not difficult to punch and ventilate oxygenated summer plants.

Summer temperatures are high, and the three-dimensional cultivation of Pleurotus ostreatus in plastic bags often leads to serious pollution and even to failure of cultivation. Whether or not it can pass the fungus is the key to the cultivation of the summer mushroom, and it is also the most worrying issue for the mushroom farmer. Practice has proved that perforation ventilation oxygenation is an effective method to solve the summer cultivation of mushroom.

First, punch time

It is usually carried out 3-5 days after sowing, when the mycelium turns white and germinates, and when it begins to extend to the culture material, it is perforated. If the hole is punched prematurely, the hyphae have not germinated yet, and it is easy to contaminate the bacteria. If the hole is punched too late, the hyphae will be deprived of oxygen during the development period, which will affect the growth and development of the hyphae.

Second, the drilling site

The location of the hole should be strictly controlled on the strain layer or the hyphae extension. Especially when the amount of strains is small and the hyphae extension is slow, it is even more difficult to perforate everywhere in the bacterial bags so as to avoid the contamination of bacteria and insects.

Third, the size and number of holes

Use a pin to punch the hole (tie 3-4 pins on the chopsticks). The number of holes to be punched is 10-12 per bag around the fungus layer. After the development and elongation of the mycelium, the hole is played once every 5-7 days, and the whole fungus period is punched 3 times.

IV. Advantages of Perforated Ventilation and Oxygenation

1. Facilitate the rapid development of mushrooms and shorten the cultivation cycle. 2. To prevent the contamination of bacteria, improve the success rate of cultivated oyster mushrooms in the summer, and greatly reduce the investment risk. 3. To achieve the annual production of Oyster Mushroom, to make up for the shortage of fresh Pleurotus ostreatus in the summer, thus greatly improving the economic efficiency of Mushroom farmers.

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