Leaf wood candle tree cross

Scientific name: Parmentieraalata (HBK) Miers

Alias: candle tree, cross

Family is: Asteraceae evergreen small tree


Native to Mexico. China, Guangdong, Yunnan and other provinces have cultivated.

Morphological characteristics:

The flower is purple and shaped like a small goblet. The flowers are born directly on the main branch or old branches. It blooms in summer and it blooms in autumn.

It has a graceful and graceful tree shape, a unique leaf shape, and fruit and fruit born on the trunk or old branches. Coupled with its brighter flowers, fruit, is a strange and interesting high-grade new green seedlings.

Fork leaf plant height of 3 to 6 meters, diameter 15 to 25 cm, the tree is not neat, but can prune shaping. Its main branches are open and stretched, and the clusters are born on branchlets. Leaflets 3, tridentate, long lanceolate to inverted spatulate, subsessile, very characteristic. Flowers 1 to 2 flowers directly on the main or old branches. In summer, there is a lot of flowering. In the fall, there is a small amount of flower blossoms, and the same fruit as the fruit. Corolla campanulate with purple-brown markings. Fruit diameter 5 to 7 cm, also stem on stem, nearly spherical, pale green, sunny surface often purple, smooth, no cracking.

Irregularly, students can germinate from stem to branch, usually two leaves in a row. Each leaf resembles the “10” frame that Christians hung on their chests, and they are deeply loved by the believers. The flowers are also strange, purple, like a small goblet-shaped, a cup of pistil, stamens four, the pistol is higher than the stamens, from afar, on the contrary, like a cluster of purple mushrooms attached during this time, colorful. The fruit is huge, oval and smooth. Appropriate garden greenery, before the order of a strain, full of hospitals shine.

Growth habits:

Fork leaf wood warm and humid environment, growth temperature of 20 °C to 30 °C. The demand for soil is not strict. Fork wood must be earthen when transplanted, otherwise it is easy to die. Basal fertilizer should be applied during transplantation and fertilized once every 2 to 3 months during its growth period. Forkwood is resistant and has fewer pests and diseases. It can be used to arrange parks, courtyards, scenic areas, and high-class villa areas, and can also be planted, planted or planted.

In Guangdong Province, in addition to Zhanjiang, the introduction of this tree is Guangzhou South China Botanical Garden (introduced from the addition in 1962), Suixi County Forestry Experimental Field (introduced from Africa in March 1985), with the earliest introduction of Zhanjiang. These trees were introduced by the French and were originally planted in a garden in front of the Xiashan Catholic Church (built in 1900) and transplanted to the present site in the 1970s due to infrastructure construction. Its age is more than 90 years.

At present, only eight species have been found in the world, and this is the only species in our country. Due to the strange growth pattern of this tree and fruit, horticulturalists attach great importance to it. At present, it has become a precious garden tree species in China.

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