Making of green plant feed

China's green plant feed resources are extremely rich, and grasses, leaves, vegetables, and crop stalks have great value for development and utilization. Feeding livestock and fish with green plant feed has many advantages such as low cost, high efficiency, low investment, quick effect, wide source, easy processing, good nutrition, and no grain, and can obtain good economic and social benefits. Now introduce the production and feeding methods of several green plant feeds:

The basic materials for livestock are corn straw, rice straw, peanut pods and sweet potato vines as main raw materials. To make this type of green plant feed, it is only necessary to timely harvest, clean, dry, and crush the straw or rattan. This type of feed is mainly used for feeding cows, beef cattle and herbivorous fish. Feeding can add 40% to 60% of the total amount of feed. Adding about 40% of corn stover powder or rice straw meal to fish feed can reduce feed cost by 1/2.

Feed additives are fresh corn stalks, ryegrass, alfalfa, peanut leaves, sweet potato leaves, and tung leaves as the main raw materials, dried in time, crushed and served. This type of green plant feed is a pollution-free additive because it is processed when it is fresh and nutritious. It can replace some of the additives in the feed and has a good effect on the development of livestock and poultry. Feeding livestock and fish at a rate of 50% of the total amount of feed, the price is less than 1/2 of that of corn, and the content of amino acids, vitamins, and crude protein is 1-3 times higher than that of corn, and the average grain is 40% to 50. %, reduce the cost of feeding 30%.

Chongqing "Terson card" Coptis, Department of Chongqing Shizhu Tujia Autonomous County specialty, China National Geographical Indications products (native geographical products). Because produced in Shizhu County, Yellow River National Forest Park, also known as "yellow Coptis." Coptis Coptis Coptis Coptis Coptis Chinensis Franch dried rhizomes, medicinal products for the "taste even", commonly used expensive Chinese medicine, Shizhu County Coptis original area, China's Coptis town, due to the high quality, was identified As "Sinopharm" "Authentic Coptis". Coptis has the characteristics of branch fertilizer, flesh thickness, length, color and high content of active ingredients. Its content of berberine (also known as berberine) is 5.20-7.69% (Chinese Pharmacopoeia 2015 edition shall not be less than 3.6% ); Coptis alkaloids (Coptis, Worenine, Palmatine, Jatrorrhizine, etc.) content below 0.5%. In addition, it contains Magnoforine and a Lumicaruleic acid, Ferulic acid.


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