Matters needing attention for engine water

The water added to the engine tank should be clean soft water. The so-called soft water (that is, water containing no or less calcium and magnesium salts) is precipitated rainwater, snow water, and tap water using them as water sources. Well water, spring water, river water, and tap water using them as water sources are hard water. Hard water contains many impurities such as calcium hydrogen carbonate and magnesium bicarbonate. After heating, calcium bicarbonate and magnesium carbonate are easily decomposed and precipitated into hard and hard scale. Scale affects the heat transfer and causes the engine to dissipate heat, making it easy to cause cracks in parts that are heated unevenly. If there is no soft water, hard water can be softened. The method is to boil the hard water, cool it and precipitate it. Take the upper layer and add it to the water tank. When using water, it should also be noted that the overcooled or overheated locomotives do not add excessively hot or cold water.

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