Medicinal plant Platycodon spinosum

Platycodon grandiformis Platycodon grandif10rμm (Jacq.) DC. For the Campanulaceae perennial herb, with root medicine. There Xuanfei phlegm, pus swelling, and sore throat function. The south shore of the Yangtze River, Guangxi, and Northeast have all been cultivated.

Symptoms The lesions are light brown on the leaves and vary in shape and size. They are round to irregularly shaped, with 2-3 ring bands, and dense black spots on the leaves, which are the pseudocystic shells of pathogens.

Pathogen Leptosphaerulina platycodonis JFLue et PKChi Platycodon grandiflora, belonging to Ascomycota subphylum fungi. The pseudocapsule shell is nearly spherical, leafy, scattered, brown to dark brown, buried early, after breaking through the skin exposed, diameter 107-138μm, thicker wall, 8-9μm; pocket, double wall, Contains 8 ascospores, 38-5018-30 (μm); ascospores are arranged irregularly, initially colorless, posterior brown, elliptic, 3 diaphragms, 1-2 longitudinal diaphragms, contracture at diaphragm, peripheral Thin laminar sheath, size 25 to 279 to 12 (μm). No false side wire. In addition, Phyl10stictaPlatycodonis JFLue et PKChi is the pathogen of the disease, and it often causes ringworm brown spot with Leptosphaerulina platycodonis.

Transmission routes and pathogenic conditions The pathogens used wintering as the hyphae or pseudocystic shells in the lesions of diseased leaves, becoming the source of infestation at the beginning of the year. The spores in the growing season were re-infested by wind and rain.

Control methods (1) Closely planted. (2) Strengthen management, timely clean the garden after harvest, and reduce the source of bacteria. (3) spraying 36% of thiophanate-methyl-suspending agent 600 times or 50% of benomyl WP 1500 times in the initial stage of disease.

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