Men's eating policy is different for different ages

Whether you are a 20-year-old newborn, a 30-year-old who feels good about himself, or a 40-year-old who needs sustainable development, men are naturally nourishing and naturally have a higher energy demand than women. Men need to eat a lot of high-nutrient foods: protein, fat and sugar, and pay attention to keep the proportion of these nutrients: sugar 55%, protein 15%, fat 30%.

20-year-old energy supplement

Physical characteristics: At the golden stage of physical development, bones are fully formed and are growing stronger. Men in this period are all excellent in quality, especially active, while heavier mental work makes the body's energy consumption.

Nutritional supply advice: The nutrient supply is mainly based on the function of strong physical fitness. It is necessary to ensure both “quality” and “quantity”. Eat plenty of staple foods, rich non-staple foods, and supplements with various minerals and vitamins.

Nutritional supplement proposals:

Chromium (CHROMIUM): This mineral needed to maintain life can reduce cholesterol levels, increase men's endurance, and can also increase muscles and reduce fat in men who enjoy bodybuilding. Needed intake: Ordinary men need at least 50 mg of chromium daily, and good men need 100 to 200 mg. Tonic: Take chromium-containing multi-dimensional mineral mixtures, fortified chromium tablets or yeast for winemaking.

Vitamin A (VITAMINA): Vitamin A has strong bones, improves immunity and anti-cancer effects, and it is also very beneficial to the protection of eyesight. Needed intake: A man's daily intake of vitamin A is 1000 mg. Tonic path: steamed carrots with half a bowl can reach 4000 mg of vitamin A. Foods rich in vitamin A also include liver, dairy products, fish, tomatoes, apricots, and melons.

Recommended dishes: ● Braised feet: The biggest feature of a pig hand is that it contains animal glial protein, which can add more energy, and it's cool and salty, and it's easy to eat. The pig's hands are rosy and soft, and the pigs are bright and lustrous after seduction, which is enough to appetite the appetite.

30 years old to cure sub-health

Physical characteristics: The physical condition is basically set. Whether it passes through the peak of health varies from person to person. When a 30-year-old man is eating everything, he is today "Chongqing Hotpot", tomorrow "boiled fish", the day after tomorrow "Spicy Crab"; often evening draught beer until midnight. In short, no matter whether it is spicy, sour, or hemp, or whether it is suitable for him or not, he is all put into the stomach anyway. As the saying goes, "When you are young, you look for a sick person, and when you are old, you look for a sick person."

Nutritional advice: Healthy health should be ensured through good eating habits and healthy lifestyles. According to the Chinese residents' dietary standard, it is recommended that a 30-year-old man should try his best to make foods diversified in the diet; the thickness should be matched; the three meals should be reasonable; the hunger and satiation should be adequate; the amount of fat should be appropriate; the amount of salt should be appropriate; the amount of sweets should be small; The impermanence of diet prone to men's "bone soft"

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