Nail orchid

Species Name: Nail Polish

Scientific name: Aerides odoratum

Alias: Yang Lan, tropical blue

Section: Orchidaceae

Genera: Naillia

Origin of distribution: Origin of tropical Asia, India and China are distributed in South China, the world is widely cultivated.

Morphological characteristics: Stem thick, leafy fleshy, two rows, ca. 20 cm, narrowly oblong, with 2 unequal at the top, base basally and expanded into sheath. Cabbage buds axillary, drooping, unbranched. Corolla orange-red, aromatic, 3-lobed, with an upward distance. Flowering from July to September.

Growth habits: Perennial epiphytes. Sex hi warm and humid, semi-yin environment, should be grown in a matrix rich in humus, suitable temperature 15 ~ 28 °C, wintering temperature is generally maintained at 8 °C above.

Garden Uses: Nail orchid is a beautiful indoor ornamental flower, beautiful flowers, beautiful colors, aromatic and pleasant.

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