Pond culture of the drake

Bream drake fish pond culture technology

The bryophyte, Leuciscus brandti (Dybowski), also known as the beachhead fish, three fish, the local name: the red line, the Korean scales and so on. The brood drake is the only fish of the carp that spawns in the Weihe River and is distributed in the Tumen River and downstream of the Suifenhe River in China. The fish is more prominent than the domestic Yalo of Inner Mongolia's Varsity Yarrow and Xinjiang's High Body Yarra, etc. The outstanding features are the largest body size; colorful, vertical red ribbon on both sides of the body; delicious meat, unsaturated fatty acid content High; omnivorous, easy domestication, high hook rate when fishing; fresh sea water can grow, acid and alkali; Bodhi is a high-quality fish that combines ornamental, gourmet, and fishing. It has broad prospects for aquaculture development.

We conducted Breeder's pond culture in 2005 and are summarized below for future reference by fishery producers.

First, materials and methods

On May 22nd, 2005, the number of species of Bream's Drake was 40-55 grams, 6,120. The size of flowers and white mullet was 75 grams and 2,000. It was placed in a freshwater pond of 8 acres with a depth of 1.8 meters. The bottom is pebbles with less silt.

1. Pond Disinfection 10 days before the release of fish species, 100 kg of clear lime was used per acre, and the whole pool was splashed with water for 4 kg of Jiangxi EM 3 days before the release of fish.

2. Feed 1.5 meter X 1.5 meter bait station feeding, set 2, 2 meters apart. Began to feed 5 kilograms a day and increase gradually, with no surplus as the standard. The feed is mainly made of squid scraps, plus bean cake flour, soil surface, and cornmeal. In the feed, the squid powder and bean cake powder are mixed into the cooked soil surface and the cornmeal, and then they are fed into groups after cooling. From May 23 to September 12, 3.2 tons of sturgeon scraps, 2.5 tons of bean cake and 2.3 tons of flour were fed.

3. Daily management Add 5-7 cm of fresh water every day to keep the water cool. Every week, Quanchiposa spilled 1-2 kilograms of EM to maintain water quality. No fish disease occurred during the entire production season.

Second, the test results

On September 6th, all of them came out of the pond and produced 3112 kilograms of Bodhi drake, with an average weight of 0.54 kilograms, a maximum individual weight of 0.83 kilograms, equivalent to 414 kilograms per mu, a survival rate of 94.17%, a bait coefficient of 2.42, and a kilogram fish cost of 9.11 yuan; Baiji produced 1,300 kilograms, the total output value was 98,560 yuan, the cost was 29,344 yuan, the profit was 69,216 yuan, and the mu profit was 8,652 yuan.

Third, discuss and analyze

1. Look at the results of the breeding of Bream dactylon in the eastern mountainous region of Jilin Province, robbing for strong food, fast growth, and strong disease resistance.

2. The trial cost of kilograms of fish was higher than that of the plan. The reason was that the Yanbian Korean self-made state state Qingri (September 3rd) fished more than 1,600 kilograms on the day of fishing and affected normal production, so the project was closed ahead of schedule; The focus on feeding habits of the Yalu fish is very good, but the use of pellet feed, the feed is seriously wasted in the water, resulting in a higher feed coefficient.

3. No aerator was used during the test. In mid-August, there was a slight floating phenomenon. The amount of water injection was increased, and EM was splashed regularly, and the phenomenon disappeared.

4. The pond-breeding drake produced from the pond has bright red ribbons on the surface, orange rays on the fins, and tender meat. The body weight of 500 grams is more than 30 centimeters long, and it initially possesses the characteristics of high-quality commercial fish. Due to its resistance to acids, alkalis, and salt, the fish will have a certain role in promoting the development of high alkali and high salt water areas in northwestern China.

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