Prevention and Control of Powdery Strawberry Straw Fever

Causes of the disease: 1, calcium deficiency. The strawberry belongs to the hi calcium crop, its absorption after capping is weakened, and calcium is the main element of powdery mildew resistance. 2, low temperature. The absorption of each root of low-temperature grass was blocked, and the plants were starved and resistant to disease. 3, phytotoxicity. Low temperature, lack of elements plus the varieties themselves are not resistant to powdery mildew, resulting in powdery mildew, excessive spraying of drugs plus triazole drugs inhibit growth, resulting in phytotoxicity, strawberry photosynthesis is poor, in a state of starvation is not resistant to disease.

Control measures: 1, spray 934 increase production agent. (10-15 days without spraying powder), calcium boron compound 10-15 days foliar spray, add calcium and boron to increase nutrients. 2, warming temperature, improve root absorption capacity. Increase the temperature every day by 2-3 °C, mention 3-4 days to reach 32 °C, gradually fall back to the temperature of the result period (24 °C), the plant nutrients are sufficient, and the disease is also good governance. 3. It is recommended to use small-packaged pesticides and foliar fertilizers. This can control the amount of drug and reduce the phytotoxicity, such as 10 ml myclobutanil, 8 ml Duo Mace, Tribeca (do not inhibit growth, guarantee the efficacy of 14 days) and so on.

Schisandra is a traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine, it have North Schisandra, the latin name is Schisandra Chinensis (Turcz.) Baill, and also have South Schisandra, the latin name is Schisandra sphenanthera Rehd. Et Wils.  Schisandra mainly grow in Chinese Hebei, Ningxia, Gansu, Shandong province. Schizandra Berry are mature in every August and September,  will picked, sun dried or machine dried, remove fruit stems and sell.

Hundreds of years ago, traditional Chinese herbalists found the Schisandra Berry could treat cough, asthma, and support those suffering from chronic fatigue.The berries are converted into medicinal teas and tonics because they promote longevity and help shield the body from various ailments and illnesses.

Of the many schizandra benefits, perhaps most important is the antioxidant effect, Other the most salient benefits of Schisandra berries is its ability to protect the liver. Schisandra help to support liver function and protect the liver from damage due to its content of lignans.Another big draw to Schisandra is its ability to protect and support the body during times of stress, whether it is mental or physical. Schisandra is considered an adaptogen, meaning, it helps the body adapt to stress.

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