Purple Medlar Wood Beijing Olympic Games Field Construction Greening Tree Species

(Buddleja alternifolia Maxim) is the genus Botany of the genus Botany of the Bosaceae, which is an excellent ornamental sand-bearing shrub species that has been selected and bred by the Ningxia Forestry Research Institute for many years. Its plant height is up to 3 meters and it is full of trees.

Violet flowers, flowers, clusters of dense clusters more conical, flowering flowers are full of trees, aromatic fragrance, there is the beauty of sinking wild goose, hence the name drunk fish, a true name.

In the flowering period from May to June, it was the end of the flowering period of early spring flowering shrubs such as Forsythia, Clove, and Prunus triloba, which increased the summer color.

The original environment of purple buddha was the semi-desert area in the east of Helan Mountain in Ningxia. More than 20 years ago, the experts discovered that the shrub is drought-tolerant and cold-resistant, and its smell is fragrant. Plants are introduced from the mountains to different soil environments. After studying cultivation and stress resistance of this species, the native tree species of Ningxia indica, which is native to Ningxia, has been demonstrated and promoted in cities with different climatic soil types in Beijing, Harbin, and Shandong, with good results. Last year, the Ningxia Forestry Research Institute was invited to participate in Beijing's "New Urban Landscape Improvement Conference." It was decided that the Ningxia tree species, "Drunk Fish Wood", will be used for the construction of afforestation tree species for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.

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