Rescue of injured garden trees

Trees, such as pruning and strong winds, tend to leave wounds on the trees. In particular, the pruning of large branches can easily cause large wounds, and the phenomenon of large branches and splits often occurs when the branches are opened. If these wounds are not treated in time, they can easily cause branches to dry, or be eroded by rain and bacteria, causing branch diseases, resulting in debilitating trees. Different types of wounds, take the following several different treatment methods.

First, the treatment of large branches splitting the wound. First remove the debris in the wound, then scrape the bark on both sides of the wound to form a layer, with a support or sling to restore the original split cleft skin, with a plastic film to wrap the wound tightly. If the split branches are thick, use a wooden nail drill to drill a hole in the middle of the crack, and tighten with a screw to fix the split branch to the tree body. If there are long branches near the branches of the chapped branches, the "bridging method" can be used to connect the chapped branches to promote healing and restore a robust tree vigor. If the damage to the branches is not very serious, it can be fixed with a bundle of wood boards and it can heal in a short period of time. After six months to one year, it can be untied. Large trees blown off by the wind can be sawn into 1-1.5-meter-high stumps, depending on the thickness of the trunk, connecting 2-4 scions, or cutting the sawed surface and planing it. Gradually cultivated into a big tree.

Second, trimming wound treatment. In the pruning, sometimes the branches need to be cut, the dead branches are sawn or cut off, and new branches are selected to be cultivated in the vicinity to supplement the lost crown canopy. After cutting, the wound on the tree body, especially the large wound with a diameter of more than 2 cm, should be scraped with a knife, then sterilized with a 2-5% concentration of copper sulfate solution, and then coated with a protective agent. The general protective agent is prepared with 1 part of animal oil, 0.7 parts of rosin and 0.5 parts of beeswax. These materials are heated and melted and mixed, and then applied to the tree wound.

Third, the filling of tree holes. Some wounds on trees have poor healing due to poor protection, resulting in decay of the xylem of the bark and the formation of tree holes. When the tree hole is severe, it will destroy the body's transmission tissue, making the water and nutrients not function properly. Remedial measures must be adopted in a timely manner to prevent further expansion. The decayed wood can be excavated first, and the whole rotting tissue can be cut, cleaned and then disinfected with potion, and then mixed and filled with cement and pebbles in a ratio of 1:3. Small tree holes can be filled with wooden studs, or 3-4 parts of sawdust can be mixed with asphalt and smeared.

Fourth, the treatment of cortical decay. Some cortical trees are severely damaged but have not been rotted, and skin graft surgery can be performed from April to June. Using an alcohol-sterilized blade, scrape the necrotic bark and xylem, remove 3-4 cm wide skin around the edge of the disease, and sterilize the wound. On the smooth and robust branches of the same species of tree, take a piece of healthy bark and attach it to the diseased tree branches so that the surrounding area is in good contact and close to the xylem. Use plastic film to seal the wound and prevent rainwater from entering.

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