Six Notes for Drinking Yogurt

Yogurt is a food that people often drink in their lives, and its health care has always been valued by people. However, drinking yogurt should pay attention to the following aspects.

1. To identify varieties

Currently on the market, there are many kinds of "lactic acid beverages" prepared from milk or milk powder, sugar, lactic acid or citric acid, malic acid, spices, and preservatives. They do not have the health care effect of yogurt and must be carefully identified at the time of purchase. .

2. To drink about 2 hours after a meal

The PH value of lactic acid bacteria for the growth of PH value of 5.4 or more, fasting gastric pH value of 2 or less, such as drinking yoghurt, lactic acid bacteria can be easily killed, health effects weakened; meal gastric juice was diluted, PH value rose to 3 to 5.

3. Mouthwash after drinking

With the development of lactic acid series beverages, the rate of dental caries in children is also increasing, which is the leading role played by some bacteria in lactic acid bacteria.

4. Do not heat

Active lactic acid bacteria in yoghurt, if heated or diluted with boiled water, cause a large number of deaths. Not only the unique flavor disappears but also the nutritional value is lost.

5. It is not appropriate to serve with certain drugs

Antibiotics such as chloramphenicol and erythromycin, sulfonamides, and astringents such as hypocapnic and citric acid proteins for the treatment of diarrhea can kill or destroy lactic acid bacteria in yogurt.

6. Do not feed the baby

Yogurt contains less calcium, the baby is growing and needs a lot of calcium, and lactic acid bacteria produce antibiotics in yogurt, although it can inhibit and eliminate many pathogenic microorganisms, but it also undermines the growth conditions of human beneficial bacteria, but also affect the normal Digestive function is especially detrimental to infants who are prone to gastroenteritis and premature infants.

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