Special pump factory professional sharing: matters needing attention in the specific use of the residual oil pump

In order to ensure good value and contribution to the dregs oil pump in use, slag concrete pump in use need to note the following:

1 . Disassemble the residual oil pump and pay attention to the clean working surface. The oil should be well filtered during operation.
. Residual pump assembly The oil distribution plate and the stator are correctly positioned by the positioning pin, and the blade, the rotor and the oil distribution plate are not reversed. The suction part of the inner surface of the stator is most likely to be worn, and if necessary, it can be flipped over to make the original suction zone become the discharge zone. And continue to use.
. The management points of the residual oil pump need to be protected from dry run and overload, anti-intake air and excessive suction vacuum.
. When the shift of the residual oil pump is changed, the suction and discharge direction also changes the vane pump to have a specified steering, and the reverse is not allowed. Because the rotor groove is inclined, the blade is chamfered, the bottom of the blade is connected to the oil discharge chamber, and the throttle groove and the suction and discharge ports on the oil distribution plate are designed according to the predetermined steering. Reversible vane pumps must be specially designed. The residual oil pump pays attention to a certain steering function in the specific use, and performs good control in the actual steering, and the direction is not reversed.
. If the gap of the residual oil pump blade in the groove is too large, the leakage will increase. If it is too small, the blade will not be able to expand and contract freely, which may result in malfunction.
. Temperature and viscosity of residual oil pump fluid Generally not more than 55 °C, viscosity requirements between 17 ~ 37mm2 / s . If the viscosity is too large, oil absorption is difficult; if the viscosity is too small, leakage is serious. The residual oil pump is based on the LC type pump. In order to solve the problem of conveying asphalt and condensed oil, the outer surface of the pump casing or the end cover is insulated, and the working chamber of the pump is insulated by steam or heat transfer oil. Continuous work and intermittent work provide convenience and good condition.

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