The barn must have "Sambo"

Only the pigs stay dry, warm and comfortable, and the pig can grow healthily. In order to achieve this, there are three kinds of "baby" in the pig house: one is madder; the other is dry sand; and third, red clay.

Why do we need to have grass in our pigs? Because the vast majority of farmers in rural areas are open-type pig houses and have poor insulation conditions, they must lay some wheat straw, straw, hay, etc. inside the pig house. These grasses are dry, soft, and have good insulation properties. After being laid on, the pigs feel warm and comfortable.

Why must there be dry sand in the pig house? Because the dry sand has the characteristics of looseness, moisture absorption and moisture absorption, the pig house is covered with fine sand, which can reduce the humidity in the pig house and keep the house dry, which can increase the temperature in the pig house and benefit the health of the pig.

Why must there be red clay in the pig house? Because pigs lie for a long time, the chance of eating food by mouth is reduced, and pigs are prone to iron deficiency. Especially pigs on cement floors are more prone to iron deficiency. Red clay contains more trace elements, especially more iron. The red clay in the pig house can increase the chance of contact between the pig body (especially the mouth) and red clay, which can prevent iron deficiency.

The method of bedding: The amount of bedding, fine sand, and red clay depends on the number of pigs and the size of the pig house. The grass is cut short (6 to 8 cm) with a file, and the ratio of grass, sand and soil is 5:3:2. The three are then mixed together and spread into the pig house. This method not only keeps the pig house dry and warm, but also reduces the occurrence of epidemic diseases. It is good for pigskin, sand, and clay, making it easier for you to adjust the bunk, making the pig feel relaxed, pleasant and comfortable, and beneficial to its health. . Therefore, pig farmers can give it a try. (Zheng Yanping, Dongping County Bureau of Animal Husbandry, Shandong Province)

 Hemp Seed

Hemp Seed is a plant of moraceae, very famous in plant kingdom.  Hemp seed is an extremely dry seeds,

 also mature at the same time, can be edible and used for planting. 

Hemp seeds is very nutritious, contain many different nutrition components, such as 7% fatty acids, 12% oleic

 acids, 25% linolenic acid,each has great benefits for our health, after eating it, excellent efficacy for our human body.

Basic Function 

1. Be suitable for constipation, often use together with angelica, black sesame

2. Use for diabetes, Yin deficient, bowel dry, offer tonic supplement.

3. It has the function of repairing the heart muscle. Repair and health care effect for heart damage

Health Benefits:

Hemp seeds have long been prized as a high-quality source of plant-based protein and omega fatty 

acids. A single serving of hemp seeds, about two heaping tablespoons, provides 10 grams of protein 

and 10 grams of omegas. Hemp also packs in all nine essential amino acids, which we need to get 

through diet since our bodies don't produce them naturally. Hemp seed oil, which is the oil derived 

from pressed hemp seeds, contains the most essential fatty acids of any nut or seed oil. Of the three 

main hemp products on the market-seeds, oil, and protein powder-hemp seeds will provide the broadest

 spectrum of nutritional benefits per serving.

Fructus Cannabis


Q: How about payment terms?

A: 30% TT deposit+70% TT before shipment, 30% TT deposit+70% TT balance against scanned Copy

 B/L, Flexible payment can be negotiated.


Q: Production and deliver

A: After deposit, order enter into 1st stage( production, packaging, factory inspect, etc), then 2nd stage is

 CIQ inspection and written CIQ Certificate lead time one week(7 days), 3rd stage we arrange to arrange 

cargo shipment to departure port. Vessel lead time as per destination port in different countries( Such as

 North America line, South America Line,  EMP, Asia, Australia, etc )


Hemp Seed

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