The control technology of powdery mildew during the final flowering period of rapeseed

After entering the final flowering period, rapeseed should pay attention to the prevention and treatment of powdery mildew. The disease mainly occurs from the flowering stage to the mature stage, and it is heavier in rapeseed fields with low ground depression, high humidity, partial nitrogen fertilizer, and large groups. Powdery mildew is mainly caused by branches, pods and main stems in the stage of rapeseed rape. Symptoms of mild disease are not obvious. Only the pods are slightly deformed. The heavy tracts of the disease often contain white powder on the entire surface of branches, pods and stems of rapeseed. Causes the capsule to distort and the grain is thin. If you do not pay attention to prevention and control, will cause rapeseed pods increased, 1000-grain weight reduction, generally resulting in 15? 20% reduction, serious up to 50% or more, in threshing, there will be nose, itchy and sneezing. Therefore, focusing on the prevention and control of powdery mildew in rapeseeds is one of the key measures to ensure the stable production and high yield of rapeseed.
Control technology: 1, tiller treatment: To effectively control the disease and spray the liquid field for beneficial operations, in the final flowering period of rapeseed, the rapeseed plants are divided into two sides at intervals of 3.5 to 4 meters, leaving a width of about 1.4 meters In the spray aisle, during the delivery, forcefully push down on both sides and allow the rape to tilt on both sides. People can walk freely in the divided trenches, and try to avoid breaking the branches. 2. Spraying method: Use a curved nozzle when spraying, spray carefully, first spray the lower stem and branch, then spray the upper corner fruit, try to spray all parts of the plant to the liquid. 3, drug selection: In the early stages of disease, with 40% Fuxing EC 8000 ~ 10000 times, or 25% triadimefon WP 1500 ~ 2000 times spray, 7 to 10 days once, and even spray 2 ~ 3 times before To achieve effective control effect.

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