The great merit

[Scientific name] Mahonia fortunei

[alias] Cat Sting

[Department of Genus]

The provinces of Sichuan, Tibet, Hubei, and Zhejiang in China are warm and humid, and they are more resistant to cold and shade. Strict requirements for soil, good growth in moist, well-drained, fertile sandy loam. Evergreen shrubs, about 2m high. The odd-pinnate complex leaves narrowly lanceolate, with serrated serrations on the edges, turning red in autumn, and pleasing to the eye. Racemes axillary, yellow flowers, flowering from August to October. Berry ovate, blue-black, outer ground white. Breeding mainly in ramets, but also cuttings and sowing. The ramets were conducted from October to November or from February to March in the following year. The cuttings are carried out in March or June to July. Usually sowed in December, but also from the sand to the seedlings in March of the following year. There are major damages such as the moths and moths. The ten strong branches and leaves are vigorous and the yellow flowers are clustered. It is a good material for garden flower and hedgerows. Can also be planted, solitary plant, potted plants. There are about 50 species of the same genus, which are found in the cultivation of M. bealei, and M. japonica in southern China.

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