The mechanical refrigeration and freshness of watermelon

The supply time of watermelon can be adjusted by means of cultivation (such as early spring, delayed autumn, protected cultivation) and north-south transportation. At present, watermelon mechanical refrigeration and fresh-keeping technology is also an effective method to solve the market supply.
We use a modern and small cold store, in a well-insulated building library, equipped with mechanical cooling equipment, according to the storage characteristics of watermelon, artificially adjust and control the temperature and humidity and gas composition in the storage environment to extend the preservation period of watermelon. For example, Harvest No. 1 and late-maturing late-maturing varieties such as disease-resistant black giant crows can be stored for 20-60 days, their commodity performance is good, and the benefits are considerable. Specific operating procedures are described as follows:

First, the choice of species.

Different varieties of watermelon, its organizational structure and chemical composition vary. The tissue structure and chemical composition of the same watermelon variety were significantly changed due to the influence of growth environment factors. For storage of fresh watermelon, middle and late-maturing resistant collections should be selected. The sugar content is high, the flavor is good, the color is bright, and the melon vines and fruit surfaces are free of pests and diseases.

Second, the harvest request

1, maturity choice. The ripening period of watermelon is closely related to the variety, sowing date and accumulated temperature after fruit set. The same variety, the maturity of each year is not the same. To determine the maturity of harvesting, it is best to use a non-invasive melon and fruit analyzer. The center line of the probe of the analyzer is aligned with the center point of the fruit. The melon is smaller than 8 degrees and the melon is larger than 8 degrees. Fresh watermelon used for cold storage should be selected 8 mature melon. Due to the full maturity of the watermelon tissue, it is easy to damage, affect the quality of storage, resulting in emptying of the fruit, eating soft, odorless, and even rot.
2, harvest method. Harvesting in the evening will help reduce product temperature. When picking, leave 5cm shoots on the upper end of the cucurbit to reduce water evaporation and wound infection.

Third, pre-cooling.

Pre-cooling means that the product temperature of the watermelon is cooled to the prescribed temperature range as soon as possible before entering the cold storage, and its original quality is better maintained. The simplest method of pre-cooling is to pile up in the fields after picking, use night low-temperature pre-cooling, and store before the temperature rises in the early morning. In the first week of storage, the chiller is used to circulate cold air, and the watermelon is cooled by heat conduction and latent heat of evaporation to make the temperature of the watermelon consistent with the cold storage temperature. The general temperature is 8-12°C, the relative humidity is 80%, and the minimum storage temperature can be controlled at 5- 6°C.

Fourth, cold storage disinfection and refrigeration.

The storage and cold storage of watermelon should be disinfected with 0.1mg/kg carbendazim spray for 3-6 days before use to keep the inside clean and hygienic without bacteria. Start the refrigeration system in the store, regulate the storage temperature at 8-12°C, and then decrease to the optimal temperature within 1 week according to the characteristics of the watermelon variety.

Fifth, the management of cold storage

1, cold storage temperature. The optimum storage temperature of watermelon cold storage is 5-6 °C, especially in the initial stage of storage, should be gradually reduced after the temperature, and then transferred to normal storage, in order to reduce the physiological disease of watermelon, improve storage quality. When the watermelon is taken out of the cold storage in summer or autumn, the water droplets are likely to condense on the melon surface and the shelf life is very short after being shipped out. Therefore, the temperature must be gradually raised before leaving the warehouse, so that the temperature of the watermelon product can be gradually increased to the proper temperature and then released. Ensure quality and extend shelf life.
2, cold storage humidity. The suitable relative humidity for watermelon refrigeration is 80-85%. Since the evaporation tube is constantly attached with frost, and the ice is constantly washed away, and the building uses more cement materials, the humidity inside the warehouse is reduced, and the moisture content of watermelon is not reached. On request, sprinkle clean water or wet grass curtains on the ground.
3, cold storage ventilation. The refrigerated watermelon emits CO2, ethylene and other irritating gases through the respiration. When accumulated to a certain concentration, it promotes the ripening and aging of the watermelon fruit, and the quality deteriorates, and it cannot be stored for a long time. Therefore, it must be ventilated. You can select the lower temperature morning, open the exhaust window, open the automatic sprayer while ventilating and ventilating, and send the fine mist into the store with the cold air, which is more ideal.

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