Tower of the Pagoda (Figure)

Scientific name: Crassula corym bulosa

Family is: sedum

Morphology: Perennial succulent herbaceous plants, short, clustered, 5 cm to 8 cm tall, erect or axillary. Leaves sessile, opposite, densely arranged in 4 rows, leaf-shaped or triangular, plant base large, gradually smaller, to the top to reach the minimum, close to sharp, dark green leaves, presented in sunny conditions Reddish brown or brownish, white marginal stratum corneum.

Distribution and application: Native South Africa. Its unique plant shape, the leaves arranged neatly, the color is elegant and chic, resembles a small pagoda. It is advisable to use potted plants to decorate a few cases, desks, computer tables, windowsills, etc., which are both natural and exquisite.

Conservation: Hi warm and dry and sunny environment, resistant to drought and half shade, not cold, afraid of water. Avoid exposure to the sun during high temperatures at high temperatures in summer, and do not lower than 5 °C in winter. It is suitable for growth in loose, fertile, well-drained sandy soil. Reproduction can be used cutting, ramets, sowing and other methods.

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