Tractor transportation should be "five stable"

In order to ensure the safety of road transportation, tractor drivers must strictly abide by the "Road Traffic Safety Law" and must also achieve "five stability."

The cargo should be stable. When loading cargo, it is necessary to ensure that the cargo is loaded, in addition to being “not over” (not long, not wide, not over-high, and not overloaded). If the goods go beyond the trailer box, they should be fastened with ropes to prevent the goods from falling during the driving and hurt pedestrians and accidents.

The vehicle must be stable at the start. The tractor body is relatively long (medium tractor front plus trailer is more than 6 meters), so before starting, the driver should check whether there are children playing around, and whether there are pedestrians and non-motorized vehicles. In the case of confirmation of safety, a whistle sign and low speed start.

The road will be stable on the road. Road trips often have to meet with the opposite side of the car. In the case of two-car associations, it is necessary to select a wide road, good line of sight, and maintain a road surface condition of 2 meters above the horizontal distance from the opposite side. by".

Reversing should be steady. Drivers often need reversing or turning their heads while driving or at loading and unloading sites. Be cautious when driving and driving, especially when the traffic is heavy. Look at pedestrians and non-motor vehicles in all directions. The dynamics of the vehicle, without prejudice to the passage of other parties, have been commanded by the U-turn or reversing vehicle to ensure safety.

Parking should be steady. When the tractor is in operation, the driver may stop at any time according to the situation. If it is found that the tractor has abnormal noise and the load of the carriage box is unstable, the brake may not be stopped. Emergency braking will not only increase the wear of the tractor, but it will also cause rear-end vehicle rear-end crashes. When the driver needs to stop, he should select a place where the road is wide, decelerate first, turn on the right turn signal, and then smoothly stop on the right side of the road.

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