What is the problem of zinc deficiency in rice?

What is the problem of zinc deficiency in rice?
There are many names of morphological symptoms caused by zinc deficiency in rice. Mostly known as "red seedling disease", also known as "fire burning seedlings." The general symptom is that the new leaf midrib and its two sides, especially at the base of the leaf, first fade green and yellow, and some even the leaf sheath ridge is yellow, and later it gradually turns into a brown-red streak, and some appear a large number of purple-brown small spots. If the period of occurrence is early, when the young leaves develop, the basal part of the young leaves is chlorotic, and the content is small and unfilled. This leaves the leaves unfolded in an incomplete manner. If the symptoms persist until maturity, the plants are extremely dwarfed, dark in color, and small and short-leaved, like bamboo leaves. Leaf sheaths are longer than leaves and jointing is difficult.
The growth of Ginseng's longevity-promoting spirit can effectively prevent and control this situation. It is a highly concentrated, fully water-soluble solution developed using the latest bioengineering technology from the United States, Japan, and South Korea, combined with the characteristics of a variety of economic crops. New leaf surface replenisher. Mainly through the leaves quickly replenish the plant needs calcium, magnesium, boron, zinc and other nutrients, promote plant growth, and quickly alleviate the symptoms of various nutrients, it is a microbial agent, rich in various active ingredients, not Contains any hormone component, non-toxic side effects, safety and environmental protection, cost-effective. In the south of China's main japonica rice production area, a large area of ​​Golden Baby promoted the use of Changling and received good results. The rate of increase can reach more than 10%.

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