US research and development of oxygen / ozone treatment of the lumbar disk to help treat disc herniation

Release date: 2009-03-27

American researchers have recently developed an effective and very safe new technology - oxygen / ozone treatment of the waist disk, which can help doctors use a minimally invasive way to safely and effectively treat disc herniation to relieve pain.

Oxygen/ozone treatment of medical ozone molecules produced by the lumbar disk has strong oxidizing ability and nucleus pulposus ablation. It can be injected into the prominent nucleus pulposus of the intervertebral disc to instantly oxidize the proteoglycans in the nucleus pulposus tissue and destroy the nucleus pulposus cells. The function of proteoglycan is lost, the osmotic pressure of the nucleus pulposus tissue can not be maintained, resulting in loss of water and atrophy, thereby reducing the pressure in the intervertebral disc, so that the symptoms can be eliminated and the purpose of thorough treatment is achieved. The treatment technique does not damage the nerves and tissues around the nucleus pulposus, and the excess ozone molecules become oxygen and are absorbed by the body after 30 minutes. It does not harm the body and has no residual body. It is a green therapy. After the ablation, the nucleus pulposus tissue is absorbed by the body and no longer recurs. It is the safest, best-performing technology with the least damage to the human body and the most thorough treatment.

It is reported that the technology will be introduced in detail at the annual meeting of the Society of Interventional Radiology in San Diego in March, and is expected to be fully promoted in the United States in the next five years.
Shanghai Medical Device Industry Association

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