Dilution of poultry vaccines

Read the instruction manual carefully before diluting the vaccine. The person responsible should be responsible for the operation. After opening, the vaccine bottle should be repeatedly put into the diluent for washing, and it should be shaken up and down in dilute vessel (glass or plastic product should be used) to ensure uniform dilution. Diluted vaccines and undiluted vaccines should be placed separately and marked to prevent mixing. Diluted vaccines should be placed in a cool place away from bright light and heat sources.
Appropriate mastery of vaccine dilution. In practice, blindly expanding and reducing the dilution factor cannot achieve the correct use of the vaccine. In other words, a 500-pig vaccine for 1000 birds will reduce the seedling quantity, failing to reach the effective price, and even killing 1,000 birds. Larger doses of the vaccine for 500 birds will cause the disease to occur due to the large dose of the vaccine and breakdown of its target cells, especially when medium-strength virus vaccine such as the Bursal Disease vaccine is first released. Of course, inactivated vaccines will not have such a situation, but the use of large doses of immune effects may not be ideal, but it will increase the economic burden.
The use of vaccine should adhere to the current principle of dilution, so as not to affect the efficacy of the diluted vaccine after it has been stored for a long time. Especially in the environment of high-temperature brooding, the vigor of the live vaccine will be greatly reduced or even lost its vitality within one hour after dilution.
The correct use of vaccine diluent. Diluent should preferably be provided by the vaccine manufacturer specifically, such as Marek's disease vaccine (the preservation effect of the diluent should be guaranteed). If not provided, it should generally be diluted with distilled water, sterile saline, or deionized water without a disinfectant. Tap water usually contains impurities and should be used after boiling and cooling, which is commonly referred to as cold water. In the case of aerosol immunization, salt-containing diluents such as physiological saline should not be used in order to prevent the sprayed mist particles from drying rapidly and the concentration of salt particles rising to affect the vitality of the vaccine.

Collagen is a triple helical protein which can be considered as the bio-glue inside our body; in fact, animal glue can be obtained by boiling the animal skin.  Collagen, a major component of connective tissues, exits in the extracellular space of these tissues which are the key reinforcing and bonding materials for all tissues and organs throughout our body, forming rigid structures as such bone, semi-rigid tissues such as cartilage, or soft tissues such as muscle, tendon, skin, ligaments, and cell membranes, etc.  There are different forms (fibrillar and non- fibrillar) and types of collagens in the body; Type 1 being the major type constitutes over 90% in our body and is the major component in skin, tendon, vascular ligature, organs, bone (main component of the organic part of bone).   Because collagen is an essential building material of all tissues and organs, it has many medical uses, such as in cardiac (hear) applications, cosmetic surgery, bone grafts, tissue regeneration, reconstructive surgical uses, and wound healing care.   


Collagen is created inside fibroblast cells, and this process is needed to support the creation and repair of the body`s connective tissues.  However, the biological process starts to breakdown when we are aging, normally after we reach the age of late 20s or early 30s.  Because collagen from natural sources such as animal, fish scales or plant contain essentially the same amino acid compositions (glycine, proline, alanine, hydroxyproline, glutamic acid, arginine, aspartic acid, serine, lysine, leucine, valine, threonine, phenylalanine, isoleucine, etc.) as human collagen, supplement the body with the natural collagen, either by dermal application or through oral ingestion, can help rejuvenate collagen creation process to support the repairing of aging connective tissues in our body, particularly those in our skin, and to reverse or slow down the aging process for a more youthful appearance.



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