Piston Type Diaphragm Pump Operation Method Guide

For spray boom sprayers that spray pesticides on a large area, mostly piston type diaphragm pumps are used. This type of pump is a reciprocating positive displacement pump, and the pressed water has a pulsation phenomenon. The power of the diaphragm pump is generally from the tractor. The speed of driving the diaphragm pump is generally 500-600r/min. Taking a two-cylinder pump as an example, the pulsation of the outlet water is 1000-1200 times/min.

The pulsation of the water is harmful to both the sprayer and the spray quality. In order to eliminate the pulsation phenomenon, there is an important component on the pump; the air chamber. The role of the air chamber is to use the compressibility (or elasticity) of the air to absorb the pulsation of the diaphragm pump and make it more stable.

The structure of the air chamber is generally a rubber diaphragm to separate the water chamber from the air chamber. After the air chamber is filled with compressed air, the pulsation of the water in the water chamber is absorbed by the compressed air in the air chamber through the rubber diaphragm, and the flow into the system is basically stable. However, in order to achieve the basic steady flow requirements, there is a premise that the air pressure in the air chamber should be adapted to the water pressure.

It can be seen that the sprayer should be properly inflated into the diaphragm pump air chamber before the sprayer works.

How can I inflate properly? Method 1. Before operating the diaphragm pump, inflate the air chamber first, and the air pressure is greater than the working pressure of the pump. Drive the diaphragm pump and adjust it to the working pressure. At this time, the pump's water outlet hose is violently shaken. Take a needle and let the air deflate at the air nozzle. As the deflation progresses, the vibration of the water hose will gradually disappear. After the outlet hose is stable, stop deflation. Method 2. Drive the diaphragm pump and adjust it to working pressure. At this time, because there is no air pressure in the air chamber, the pump's water outlet hose is violently shaken.

Immediately inflate the air chamber. As the inflation progresses, the water hose vibration phenomenon gradually disappears. After the water outlet hose is stable, inflate.

Both of the above methods are operated under operating conditions. Be sure to pay attention to safety during operation.

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