Spraying pesticides in summer

Hot and rainy summer is the peak period of crop diseases and insect pests. In this period, if you can grasp the following pesticide application, you can achieve a multiplier effect.

First, master the pesticide selection of pesticides

1. Select insecticides and fungicides with strong absorbability such as dimethoate, carbendazim, thiophanate, triadimefon, and scramine. After being absorbed by crops, these pesticides can be delivered to the body of the crop. After 5 hours of general application, more than 80% of the active ingredients of the pesticide have been absorbed into the tissues by the crop.

2. Choose pesticides such as dichlorvos, chlorfenone, dichlorvos, pyrethroids and other pesticides, have strong contact, killing effect, strong knockdown, quickly play a role after spraying, affected by the rainy season small.

3. Select rain-resistant pesticides such as tricyclazole, fast-acting pesticides, etc., after the application of rain, there is a certain control effect.

Second, change the method of spraying

1. Change the emulsion to powder for continuous and rainy or short rain, change the powder to prevent and cure.

2. Change the concentration of the drug If it is necessary to spray the drug in light rain, use 80% of the original water, or increase the dosage and increase the concentration of the drug.

3. Change the spraying to spread the toxic soil and mix the systemic insecticide with the fine soil and apply it to the mud layer near the root of the crop. After the root system is absorbed, spread the whole plant to achieve the control effect.

Third, the liquid plus adhesive

Appropriate amount of detergent, soy flour, hide glue and other adhesives are added to the liquid medicine to increase the adhesiveness of the pesticide on the crop.

IV. Use pesticides in the rainy season

The application of pesticides in the rain gap is the key to prevent crop pests and diseases in the rainy season. When spraying, attention must be paid to the dynamics of the weather and rush to spray in the gap after the rain.

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