The scientific storage of bacillary dysentery

After the mushrooms are harvested, they still contain a lot of water and should not be stored for a long time. They should be picked and dried or dried in a timely manner so that the water content can be reduced to below 11% for proper preservation. Freshly qualified strains can also be silaged and used with them. The method is to dig a 50- to 60-cm wide, 50-cm deep, random-length earth pit, lay a plastic film inside, put a 10-cm-thick broomcorn, sprinkle a layer of salt on the sugar surface, and put the bacteria on the salt until it protrudes. 5 to 10 cm so far, layer compaction, plastic film on the cover, can be used after fermentation for 5 to 50 days. The amount of salt used was 0.5% of fresh glutinous rice.