The principle of heat balance in a healthy diet

How to match three meals a day

After people's living standards improve, they pay special attention to their children’s dietary nutrition. Some parents force their children to eat too much sugar, high-fat and high-protein foods. Some children eat more foods than their favorite foods. Intake of calories, resulting in excess nutrition, there have been many small fat. With some children, partial eclipse, like to eat "zero mouth." Some even use snacks as staple foods, resulting in malnutrition and physical weakness. The so-called "bean sprouts" shape appeared. How to provide children with reasonable nutrition? On this issue, we interviewed Zhenjiang Jiangbin Hospital's dietitians to break new brilliance.

Sun nutritionist told us that children need adequate nutrition during their growth and development. Generally, the nutrition and calories the children need after 10 years of age are basically close to the normal level of adults, and the calorie needs about 2300 kcal per day to maintain the children's growth and development. The essential nutrient protein is around 2300 kcal. The common food contains 7.8 grams of protein per 100 grams of rice, 9.9 grams of standard flour, and 4.7 grams of tofu. Most of the same type of lean meat is between 10 grams and 20 grams, and fish are generally 20 grams. Around, the protein content of pure milk can be as high as 26.2 grams.

She explained that irrespective of boys and girls, 7 to 10 years of age need about 2,000 calories per day, 0 to 3 years of age need about 2,000 calories per day, and protein requirements are 60 grams and 70 grams, respectively. It is scientific and reasonable and basically needs growth and development. Too much or too little is not good for children.

The total calorie intake of a child's three meals a day is generally 25% for breakfast, 40% for lunch, and 35% for dinner according to the lifestyle and science of the region. It is not normal to eat in the morning and eat at noon. Eat less at night.

According to the correct calculations, the intake of protein in a 10-year-old child is 15 grams, 24 grams, and 21 grams, respectively. Such as breakfast staple food products 1.5 two, milk 200 ml, eggs, one, if you do not drink milk, you can add an egg; lunch staple food products 2.5 two, leeks. 5 two two 2 (including chicken, fish, meat, etc.) , vegetarian dishes 3?? 4 two, plus the daily increase of fruit 3 two, according to the child's age for the corresponding increase or decrease, so that children are unfavorable.

The child's nutrition is basically satisfied.

4. The benefits of fruit or juice

Optional lemon, orange, grapefruit, grape, sugar cane juice, green plum, apple, tomato and so on. Although the fruit taste is mostly sour, it can become alkaline during the metabolism of the body and can keep the blood alkaline. In particular, they can "dissolve" the toxins accumulated in the cells and eventually excrete them through the excretory system.

5. Green tea

There are many detoxifying factors in green tea, which are easy to combine with toxic substances in the blood and accelerate the discharge from the urine. Changyin green tea can also prevent cancer and reduce blood fat. Smokers drinking more green tea can reduce nicotine damage.

6. Kelp and seaweed

They contain a lot of gum. Constipation can promote the body's radioactive poisons to be excreted with the stool. It is helpful for cancer patients to eat more kelp when they undergo chemoradiation. They are all alkaline foods and have a role in purifying blood. Eating kelp and seaweed can reduce the incidence of cancer.

Black fungus can inhibit platelet aggregation, can reduce cholesterol, beneficial to cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. The jelly in black edible fungus helps to absorb and accumulate the dust impurities that remain in the human digestive system and excrete it from the body.

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7. Chives

Leek is a kind of aphrodisiac that can be used for both medicine and food. People all mistakenly believe that only boys need "aphrodisiac", but in reality, girls eat more foods that have "aphrodisiac and yang", which can make the skin more white. The reason is that yang is full of blood and is good for many people. "No" mostly because of blood block. The spring climate is mixed, and boys and girls need to maintain yang. The leek is most suitable for human yang and has the reputation of natural “Viagra”. Leeks contain essential oils, proteins, fats and a variety of vitamins and other nutrients, have stomach, refreshing, strong kidney and other effects. Spring oysters are the best in leeks and are especially delicious. Its root is white jade, green leaves resemble jade, fragrant fragrance. There are various ways to eat spring oysters, which can be used for meat, eggs, shrimp, cuttlefish, etc., as well as steamed dumplings and dumplings. When fried green bean sprouts or dried bean curd, add some spring clams, especially aromatic and delicious.

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